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  • Mr Steven Vargas is the most upstanding, loyal, kind-hearted, and compassionate attorney, that I have ever met. Not only is he God-fearing and humble, he isn't only money-driven, by what... read more

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    October 31, 2022

    Stephen A Varga was my attorney for my case and not knowing the outcome left me confused and needing someone who can help me in the best way possible. Someone... read more

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    March 12, 2021

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    February 15, 2021

    "Mr. Varga was my attorney on an extremely complex and difficult case which lasted for more than 3 years. He helped me tremendously, my calls were always returned promptly, and... read more

    thumb Timmy Cho
    October 25, 2020
  • Stephen Varga is a godsend, he’s an honest dependable attorney whose attention to detail is unparalleled. My father and I came to him worried and stressed, but after one sit... read more

    thumb Eric Meza
    September 7, 2020

    Steve is a caring and experienced attorney who knows a lot about personal injury and criminal cases.

    thumb R KLEPA
    March 3, 2020

    Stephen is an honest, competent and caring attorney. After multiple cases, I can without qualm recommend him to anyone. He's steady and a man of firm... read more

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    March 2, 2020

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    July 30, 2019

 Decades of Experience in Criminal Defense

Law is divided into criminal cases and civil cases. Since 1980, Stephen A. Varga’s focuses the majority of his practice on DUI and criminal defense cases. Criminal defense cases include any case in which a person is accused of committing a crime. In addition, Mr. Varga also represents his clients in civil law matters. Civil cases involve people or organizations wishing to find a legal solution to a dispute. Family law such as divorce, for instance, would be a considered a civil law matter. If you are in need of attorney in the Los Angeles Area, hire Stephen A. Varga.

Misdemeanor and Felony Criminal Defense

Stephen A. Varga has defended many clients accused of committing misdemeanors and felonies. In California, misdemeanors are less serious crimes such as petty theft or resisting arrest. As a result, the punishment for a misdemeanor is less than one year in jail. Additionally, in California, a felony is a more serious crime. For example, a murder or a sexual assault is considered a felony. As the result of a felony, the punishment can be more than a year in jail. 


Frequently Asked Questions
What should I expect when I hire an attorney?

The justice system comes with its own set of rules, customs and language. Therefore, you need an attorney to guide and council you through the process. Your attorney should guide you through the process and keep you informed. Above, all you want an attorney who will do everything in their power to deliver the best outcome. 

Firstly, your attorney should hear you out. Similarly, your attorney should also to be patient with you if you need something explained more than once. For instance, the law is complicated and can be confusing to someone with limited experience in the justice system.

Secondly, your attorney should prepare you to testify in your defense. Thay way, if you choose to remain silent, you will have fully considered the options. Alternatively, if you do decide to testify, you will have been prepared. Often, it is wise to remain silent. That being said, the determination should not be automatic.

Lastly, there comes a time when a will judge how you wish to proceed. Unless you are a legal expert, you shouldn’t answer that type of question until your attorney has informed you properly. To conclude, when hiring an attorney, expect them to guide you through the pros and cons of your case.

What should I look for in an attorney?

Two things:

1. Objective Qualifications

Hire an attorney with decades of experience. In addition, you want an attorney with an excellent academic background. Above all, hire for an attorney that has dedicated their career to defending those who cannot defend themselves. Additionally, defense skills are necessities. For instance, an attorney who can effectively cross examine is an asset. Many lawyers present themselves as former prosecutors. If you are being prosecuted, you don’t need two prosecutors at counsel table. One is too many. You need a lawyer with experience in defense.  

2. Subjective Compatibility

No lawyer is the right lawyer for everybody. Similarly, no client is the right client for every lawyer. Therefore, the lawyer-client relationship is very close, very intense, and very important. Moreover, the relationship calls for brutal honesty. Additionally, there needs to be a mutual courtesy and respect. Most importantly, you need to feel comfortable with the person fighting for you.

Can I be released on bail?

You have a constitutional right to reasonable bail. Misdemeanors and a felonies have different bail schedules in Los Angeles County

These schedules reflect the presumptive bail. The defense can make a motion for a bail reduction at any time, but once a judge has ruled on bail, the court will not reconsider it unless there is a change in circumstances. Additionally, factors relevant to the judge in setting bail are danger to the community, ties to the community, and the circumstances of the charged offense.

Do I have to submit to a search?

Under the constitution you have a right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. However, if the police have a search warrant, you must obey the warrant. Moreover, if the police have probable cause, their search will be upheld in court. Furthermore, if you resist a lawful search, you may be prosecuted for interfering with the officer’s duties.

If you are being arrested, the police may conduct a search incident to arrest. If you are on probation or parole, you will have agreed to submit to search and seizure any time, day or night, with or without probable cause.

However, if you are not on probation, the police must ask for permission to search you or your property. It is within your rights to deny the police your permission to search you.

What if I am innocent?

If you are innocent, you need to know all your rights. For instance, these rights include a speedy preliminary hearing and a speedy trial. Additionally, if more time is required to develop a defense you have the right to waive these rights.

You need to pursue a plan that is most likely to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the case. Every case is different, and each one that I have had dismissed has taken its own path.

Prosecutors like to dismiss cases that they cannot win, because they don’t like to lose at trial. But lose they do when the defendant is not guilty and the defense lawyer effectively convinces the jury that the prosecutor has not proven the case beyond a reasonable doubt.



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